What is Taylor Made

You’ve had your eye on a new car for months, but you’re avoiding the dealership. After all, everyone knows the frustrations that come with buying a car. You spend hours waiting for the salesperson to crunch numbers and check with their manager, only to leave feeling that they “won” and wondering whether you truly made a good decision.

Just because this could be your experience buying a car doesn’t mean it has to be.

As the owner and operator of seven successful car dealerships, Steve Taylor has worked for twenty years to change the negative connotations of his industry and the car-buying experience. In Taylor Made, Steve walks you step-by-step through the process of buying a car. He gives you insider tips on how to choose a dealer, get top dollar for your trade-in, negotiate a fair price, and select the products that will truly protect you in the long run. By answering all the questions you were too apprehensive to ask, this book will make buying a car enjoyable again—as it should be.

About the Author

Steve Taylor owns and operates seven of northwestern Ohio’s leading car dealerships, including the previous #1 selling Kia dealership in the country. An eight-time winner of the prestigious Kia Presidents Club, Taylor Kia has also been honored as the International Kia Dealer of the Year.

A recipient of the Outstanding Corporate Philanthropist Award, the Better Business Bureau Torch Award for business ethics, and the 20 Under 40 distinction from Leadership Toledo, Steve has also been a finalist for the Jefferson Award in public service. Steve calls Perrysburg, Ohio home with his lovely bride of more than twenty years and their three wonderful children.


“I have been very fortunate to be an undefeated quarterback at the University of Toledo. I met Steve and after a few minutes, I recognized his undefeated spirit in dealing with people. Similarly, this book is all about supporting and helping people win in their next car buying experience! It’s all about supporting and winning for people. Thanks for all you do, Steve.”

Chuck Ealey, former University of Toledo Undefeated 35-0 Quarterback and Founder, Undefeated Spirit Foundation

Steve is honest, straightforward, and a natural mentor–now, first-time car buyers can benefit from his knowledge and insight after years in the car business. Taylor Made is a must-read instruction book on how to make your first automobile purchase enjoyable and successful.”

Dale Critz, Critz Buick, GMC, BMW, Mercedes, Savannah, GA, Time Dealer of the Year Award Winner

“Steve is the kind of guy you’re lucky to know. If you don’t have the pleasure of knowing him, the next best thing is to get advice from him about buying a car. If you’re a first-time buyer or are credit challenged, Taylor Made will make the car-buying process easy! We also recommend this book to our credit repair clients who need help buying a car.”

Jason White, President & CEO, 700 Club Credit Repair

“Steve Taylor has been a great friend to our schools and our community. His passion and dedication to being a man for others is seen in all he does in our community. With this book, Steve gives us the keys to unlock the car-buying process like only a true insider can.”

Tom Hosler, Superintendent of Perrysburg Schools

“Let’s face it, buying a car can be difficult! But Taylor Made by Steve Taylor makes it easy!  This book will be extremely helpful to all of those who are uninformed about the car-buying process and will give them the confidence they need to make a smart buying decision all while having fun! A home run for all car buyers!”

Mike Bell, Former Mayor, Toledo, Ohio

“The car-buying process can be frustrating and filled with uncertainty and questions.  What should I do to get the best price on the vehicle I want? What should I avoid? Who should I talk to? How much is my trade-in worth? Is this the best time to buy? Should I purchase or lease? Steve Taylor’s incredible book Taylor Made shares with you the answers to these questions. Shopping should be easy, safe, and fun so that you get the best deal for your family. Great gift idea for friends or family to help remove the risk of a bad car-buying experience. Great book, Steve!”

Ali Reda, #1 Auto Salesperson in the world

“Taylor Made by Steve Taylor will help you WIN when you go into a dealership to buy a car. Steve, through his car-buying experience and expertise is on your side. He wants to make buying a car fun! Taylor Made…a must-read for anyone buying a car.”

Tom Cole , The Coach, Teacher, Coach, TV Personality, Broadcaster, and Community Ambassador

The very first time I received an email from Steve, I could tell he was different.

Here he was, the owner of a car dealership, telling me he was driven by two things: to be different from the competition and to stand out by being a fun place for his employees to work.

I was intrigued. I learned more about the crazy marketing stunts he attempted with his dealerships.

I heard about the giveaways: the bobbleheads, chia pets, and two-dollar bills. I heard about his crazy ads featuring a Bill Clinton impersonator and about how he stayed on his roof until a certain number of cars sold.

He definitely thought differently, but what about his team? Did they share his unique thinking style? Did they have fun at work?

I had to meet Steve and his team and see it first-hand.

When I arrived in Toledo, I was blown away. I was welcomed with open arms and treated like I was part of the Taylor family.

At dinner my first night in town, I was inspired by how hungry he and his team were to learn about delivering a better experience. It wasn’t about how to sell more cars. It was about how to take care of people, with the focus on making customers feel better about their car-buying experience.

I believe you can tell a lot from a business by the happiness levels of the employees. I spent two days speaking and connecting with his team. They were engaged the entire time and brought more energy than I’ve seen from a group of colleagues. They were laughing and sharing ideas. It was obvious how much they cared.

When you think about car dealerships, the word “caring” isn’t usually the first word that comes to mind.

This wasn’t by accident. It was intentional, and it started at the top.

Steve Taylor is different. This book, Taylor Made, is different. A car dealer sharing everything about the industry is different. From how to get a better deal, to how to negotiate, and how to have a better experience.

This is the blueprint on how to eliminate stress and anxiety when buying a car. In Taylor Made, Steve puts his customers first. In the car industry, that’s different and practically unheard of.

Buying a car should be fun. It should be exciting. You shouldn’t walk up to the lot, dreading the experience. You should be informed and prepared.

All you need is this book.

I wasn’t expecting to learn as much as I did about the entire car buying experience.

Going the extra mile is what Steve Taylor and Taylor Automotive are all about.

His life motto is, “Be a difference maker and try to make a positive difference in someone’s life every single day.”

He is hungry to make a difference. For his team, his customers, and his community, and it shows.

He cares.  He is a lifelong learner. He’s not your typical car salesperson. He’s a friend and a family man.

In Taylor Made, he brings you into the family.

This is a book about transparency, authenticity, and how you make people feel. We can all learn from Steve and his dealerships, whether we’re buying cars or building relationships.

Steve is different. Taylor Automotive is different. This book makes a difference.

Read. Take notes. Take action. You’ll be better off because of it.

Jesse Cole
Owner, Savannah Bananas
Author, Find Your Yellow Tux